Does EmuELEC work on any Mecool Tv Box?

Do all Mecool TV Boxes have the boot-loader blocked or is there one in which EmuELEC works?

More than the model depends on whether the firmware has the bootloader locked. Maybe there is an update that gets unlocked. you should consult the manufacturer / seller

Thanks for the info.

I didn’t understand why the topic was closed!

The question has not been completely answered!

Every time AlienatedDiego replies to a thread does he close it?

Well, someone else asked if the Mecool KM 1 would support EmuELEC. I did a search to help you but couldn’t find the answer. Then I saw news on your GitHub that Mecool has its boot-loader blocked. But I also saw news of someone using EmuELEC in Mecool, and it crashed with update. So I thought I’d find the answer on this forum. If the admins didn’t know the answer, I figured that other users could help, not just the one with KM 1, but others as well. But Ok, I understand, here is only support for specific and individual problem, of each user. I won’t bother you anymore. Thanks.

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You are asking generic questions that we, EmuELEC have no 100% answer to, we are not hardware providers, we provide software, we also do not have every TV box in the market so we cannot test them all. Since this is not an EmuELEC related question (this is more of a will X HW work with EmuELEC), so the answer was complete as you should contact the manufacturer/seller as they will be the ones that can answer your questions the way you want.