CoreELEC Add-on

The add-on has not been updated recently but it is still alive. to make the current add-on work on the latest CoreELEC, you need to modify the addon.xml file

Edit this line
<import addon="xbmc.python" version="2.1.0"/>
change it to
<import addon="xbmc.python" version="3.0.0"/>


  • when there will be an update?

  • will the update be only 64bit, or the 32bit also ?

Hello, I´m trying a new build with CoreElec and Kodi 19 Matrix
I have fresh installed CoreElec 19 and configured it.
I have tried to install EmuElec addon but can´t find it, well I came here, read this post and try what you said, and if you are really new, as I am, at that point it is difficult to make it working

I have downloaded EmuElec script 3.7

I uncompress it, eddit the XML, and compress it, but CoreElec can´t install it

Well, I have find the solution and, it is very easy!!

Go to:

Choose either 3.6 or 3.7 version, and download the source code zip and the script of the version you like

Now unzip the source code and the script, you will have now 2 folders, one called “EmuELEC Addon…” and the other “script.emuelec…”

Copy all the archives in the “Script” folder to the “EmuELEC addon” folder

Open the “EmuELEC Addon…” folder and now edit the addon.xml file

Finally make a zip with the “EmuELEC Addon…” folder, copy it to your device , intall it from zip file and enjoy this wonderfull addon!!!

I know it is a really easy thing but it takes me some time to realize how to make it work so I hope this could help someone else


wow, that is some useless information.

Don’t be rude. Either point out the mistake or fill the missing information.

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isnt that YOUR job, to fill the missing information ?

i am out of this “community”… aloha

Hello again.
I only wanted to make it as clear as possible for the “entry level people” or “totally noobs” or whatever you want to call us.
If my post is useless or disturbing for someone I´m sorry, but I´ll be glad if It can save time to another one.

Nice day and don´t be so tense guys


I think that user was just upset that there wasn’t a magic wand solution to his issue. So rude.

Good on you for stepping up to try to help. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with @kshi

Thanks for helping out and sorry about the guy’s rudeness, people want a flip of a switch to solve all their problems and then get mad when you don’t provide said switch.


He was upset because he didnt realize that the “missing information” he sought was given in the first post itself. We just have to see your helpful post and OP’s post to realize what he couldn’t comprehend. And you just helped me. I don’t know why this was not done before releasing the addon. And I wonder if there will ever be update. Thank you both.

The addon pre-dates the new version of CoreELEC (e.g it didn’t needed this change before) and I haven’t had a chance to update it

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Well, CoreELEC 20 is out, and the fix no longer works…
The addon can be installed, but when you try to launch the addon it shows “Emuelec launching” and then an error.
Do you know if there is any easy fix like for kodi 19 to make it work again??

Unfortunately, the addon has not been updated, and it will not be updated anytime soon due to lack of time.

I would like to use the last chance before the forum closes ;). Thank you very much for all your work so far and the joy you have given me with emuelec.

I’ve been using the Emuelec addon for Coreelec since the beginning. By adapting two scripts I was also able to use it for Kodi Nexus.
But now Coreelec is changing the userspace to arm aarch64 and I can no longer get the addon to work. I think It have to be compiled to the new architecture. But my knowledge is too poor to be able to do that. Is anyone here in the forum able to do that or is there hope that this great addon will be maintained again?

Yes, the addon needs to be complete redone! the script took account that the userspace was 32bit, and since EmuELEC is now multi arch (32 and 64bit) and CorELEC is now only 64bit. it is going to be trickier to accomplish so unfortunately the script has been removed for the time being, if i get some time I can revisit it, but I can’t promise much.

Thanks for your answer @Emuelec
I thought to myself that it wouldn’t be easy to implement the whole thing to the new architecture.
interesting with multi arch. Now the question for me is why Coreelec hasn’t implemented this ;)? Thank you for not taking away my hope that maybe one day your great addon will run on Aarch64 environment ;).