Can't get controller to work via Bluetooth

I use an Ondroid N2+ with “Shanwan PS3 Controlers”. They work as long as they are cable-connected. I can’t get they work / connect with bluetooth. I have retried it today (after some months) without luck. I have no idea what i can try futuremore or how to solve the problem.

Any hints and ideas are welcome. Thanks

Are you using a bluetooth dongle plugged into the N2+? I have one of those controllers and it connects fine to the CSR 4.0 bluetooth module

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No, i have no bluetooth module (USB) connected to the N2+.
Afaik the N2+ has bluetooth onboard, or not?

It doesn’t, you need to add one

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ups… thanks. that explains a lot.
Do you recommend any special CSR 4.0 bluetooth / manufactor to use with the N2+?

They are all the same, Odroid will sell you the same one you can get from ebay/amazon for 1/4 of the price

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Thanks for your help! I connected a USB bluetooth dongle to the N2+ and i managed to connect one of my controllers, so it works. :slight_smile:

Connecting a 2nd controller does not works. Do I need a separate USB bluetooth dongle for each controller?

I assumed that I could use two controllers (2 player mode) at the same time with only one USB dongle.

Any idea how to connect the 2nd controler to the bluetooth dongle too?
One bluetooth dongle for two controlers at the same time should work, or not?

Nobody any idea about - how to connect the 2nd controler too?

It should work fine. Make sure you pair it first by using the cable, then unplug it and pair with the dongle attached.