8BitDo Pro 2 connect

How to connect such joysticks via bluetooth?

I set the switch to D on all controllers
Then I connected two, but after a reboot, EmuElec does not see the second joystick.
I have to re-configure them, but this is before the first reboot

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Are you using EmuELEC version 4.6? 4.6 has a buggy Bluez version which does not work with as many controllers as EE 4.5, so you might have to downgrade to get them fully working.


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In my case, with an 8bitdo sn30 pro + and emuelec 4.6 I had the same problem. I sorted it out as follows.

I connect to emuelec with putty. User mane root and password emuelec

I enter the following:



discoverable on

parable on

scan on

Then I put my controller in pairing mode. From the putty screen logs I guess the MAC Id of my controller. Then I issue the command:


whrer is the MAC id of my controller. Then, and this is the most strange part, I do not issue a connect MAC command. But rather go to the emuelec graphical interface menu (operating it with other controller) and start controller pairing from there. This way the controller is paired and next time I reboot it still works.

I have tested this many times in my system and friend’s and it is the only way I have managed to get it working, but at least consistently.

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This has been solved in the upcoming 4.7 version, it should work the same if not better than 4.5

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