Suggestion - Add Mame to EmuELEC

It would be great to have MAME added to EmuELEC. I’ve looked around and I think we could convert the batocera script to EmuELEC to get it working:

Is anyone up to the task? I might do some of it but it will be a low priority since I’m getting pretty busy with quite a few tasks! LOL

There are several versions of MAME already included in EmuELEC, why do we need this one?

I think it would be the most compatible with arcade roms, I could be wrong though.

Well it makes no sense to add it just a on whim. Size is a concern, with so many devices supported and MAME being a HUGE emulator (sometimes about 200mb in size) if there is no advantage in adding yet another MAME version, then we should not.