New Emulec Install

Hello i have a couple questions i have installed emuelec on the tv box i just got. version 4.6 of EMUELC it boots fine I’ve added some N64 game sega and a few SNES.

I have some experience with Batocera on my PC. I’ve noticed with EMUELEC i didn’t have to install bios files.

Question 1. How do i add additional bios files. i saw bios archive on but its for version 4.3. C
Question 2 can i just copy my whole bios files from my Batocera build to EMUELEC or will it break something?
Question 3 Not sure if you guys support ps2 in the bios files that are included?

You do have to install BIOS-files. Just copy them under /roms/bios.

As the bios files are the same for each emulator, there should be no problem to copy the bios-files from your batocera-installation to the /roms/bios-folder on EmuElec.

EmuElec does not support PS2.