Roms are being moved to roms_backup on Restart

Didn’t know about that, might be useful to a lot of people, thanks for the info!

My external hard disk is NTFS format with volume label EEROMS. The files in the hard disk meet the roms format required by emuelec.

Does your script recognize that the game requires the format of the hard disk? What is the format of the external hard disk you put roms in.

Can you do this? My external hard disk, volume label eeroms, hard disk NTFS or FAT32 format, hard disk establishes ROMs folder, and all kinds of games are placed in the directory. Edit a script or configuration file to directly mount the hard disk roms to storage / roms. After all, I’m going to use this device to play simulation games.oh By the way, it uses emuelec v4 .3.

Not at all, the script isn’t that “smart”, I’m not so wise when dealing with HDD formats.

Just to be sure, is your Emuelec booting from a PenDrive/SD Card or from internal storage (emmc)?

If you have all the roms on a USB drive and in the root a roms folder. In /storage/.config/


# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later
# Copyright (C) 2019-present Shanti Gilbert (

# Source predefined functions and variables
. /etc/profile

# Place any scripts you need to run at boot on this file

case "${1}" in

# unmount the child mounts and its parent roms.
umount /storage/roms/ports_scripts
umount /storage/roms
# add a symbolic link to a usb roms folder.
ln -nsf /media/USB/roms/* /storage/roms

should link the roms in the storage to the USB roms.

Oh yeah and if you need to revert it, remove those added lines in custom_start. and in SSH do

rm /storage/roms/*

Will remove all the symbolic links and reboot your device so the roms can remount like it defaults. Be careful you only want to remove the symlinks not the actual directories!

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Thank you very much for your help. I’ll try it sometime.