Problems Emuelec with core

Please pardon for the basic questions.

Actually I’m enjoying FB Neo on a emuelec Retroarch-based distro, But I want to add some hack rom date to it,So may what command do I use build of FB Neo? Let it support my tv box。

Thank you!

This is not the place to ask this kind of questions, you would need to ask the developers of Fbneo.

I tried to build it under Linux, but the output file can only be used under retroarch under Linux. Emuelec cannot call it because it is not a valid aarch64 file
my command is无标题

IMHO, It seems you have quite a huge gap about compiling for different architectures to fill.
Before you can compile a specific core, try compile the whole EmuELEC first. Then you can modify a specific core and re-compile to run on your box with EmuELEC.
You have to do the research by yourself, probably no one will teach you. Some developers know how to do it, but it’s much easier for them to do it on their own than to tell you how to do it.

Thank you for giving me a new direction

Read this: DEV: How to compile toolchain only · EmuELEC/EmuELEC Wiki · GitHub

Thank you,Do I need to close the theme?