How to install the simulator

I have built an independent simulator. how can I install it on emuelec? I look forward to your help。

Which emulator? it depends a lot, if its just a binary you can copy it to /emuelec/bin and add an entry on es_systems.cfg

but if it needs something else then you probably need to compile emuelec from scratch and add it as a

I build an fbneo simulator using sdl2, which is now a complete stand-alone simulator. I tried to use the CP command, but it didn’t work and prompted an error。“ cp: can’t create ‘/usr/bin/fbneo’: Read-only file system”

use the path /emuelec/bin also, can you share your source code?

good, it’s already in the corresponding position.and in es_ systems.cfg added an entry, but it didn’t work and no hint,and I am willing to share my source code。

Well once you share the source code I can compile it and test it. You can also test via SSH

emuelec cant call this binary file. I can start it through terminal, but I cant read roms even if I set the rom path correctly,there are many problems。

I thought it was your own patches, I could never get the official one to work properly, so you are on your own, sorry

Anyway, thank you for your help

What are you using to compile? arguments, patches, etc?

I use sdl2 to build the official source code. do you need this binary? I share it with you

No, I need to know how you compiled it, it does not compile for me using SDL2 and the toolchain

In fact, I have an arm server. after clone official source code on the server, I type make sdl2 and wait for the compilation to complete,If you have any mistakes in the build , I may have encountered them and can provide you with reference

My issue is with cross compiling

I rebuilt the source code and put the fbneo binary program into / usr / bin /, but the system cant call the program. If I use . / fbneo, will be prompted that I dont support it. I cant make it work, and I cant cross compile the official source code

Loading config from /storage/.local/share/fbneo/config/fbneo.ini
is not supported by FinalBurn Neo.
Doing exit cleanup
LIBGL: Shuting down

I have successfully run FBN standalone version, I use packages for cross compiling, and In packages ,I use make_target() functions, but fbn emulatort the running efficiency is very low. So I gave up