Lost my analog-sticks under PSX after hard power-cycle

hi, i installed EmuELEC 4.6 on my SD card and added some of my old PS1 game i own.
i was pretty happy with EmuELEC. everything was good for weeks.
the analog-sticks worked well until i had to hard power-off EmuELEC without proper shutdown, because the user interface of EmuELEC / ES did not react to any inputs after a while, keeping the user interface untouched for a longer time.

but after power-on, i lost my analog-stick under PSX-ReARMed permanently.
d-pad and all other buttons are still working - only the analog sticks do not work anymore in the PSX emulator. all games for PSX-ReARMed shows the same behavior.

the analog-sticks are working outside the PSX emulator.

is there a way to restore the default contoler mappings for PSX-ReARMed emulator?
or where i can look if some configuration files are corrupted / altered?

i have already bad experience with trying to change controller mappings. in the past i had to reinstall EmuELEC from scratch, because i messed the controller mapping of EmuELEC by accident. i could not used the user interface at all anymore.
so i am a little nervous about this.

PS.: i didn’t figure out why and under which conditions EmuELEC ES locks up after some time (hours) keeping the interface untouched.
maybe it is because i switching the TV to another HDMI port (CEC),
or keeping EmuELEC disconnected from the internet,
or something happens in screensaver mode,
or maybe my wireless controllers sending sometimes confusing commands to EmuELEC before they go in power-save mode or don’t wake up poperly, …
… i don’t know, but this is another story.

1.13.0 - PCSX-ReARMed (r23la4e249a1373cf6269e1e4e0d60105e72210e67d3)
32GB SanDisk SD card,
Amlogic S905X2, 2GB RAM, 100Mbit/s LAN, 2.4/5GHz WiFi, Bluetooth

I am not sure why you lost the analogs, but you can restore any controller configuration by reconfiguring the input inside ES. this should (in theory) reconfigure all emulators.

or for some reason the configuration was corrupted. If remapping the controller does not work, go to the danger zone and reset the retroarch configuration

if this didn’t work, also reset scripts and binaries.

Afterwards it should work, also to force those games without native analog support make sure that in retroarch/controls /port 1 the option analog to digital type= left analog

i made a new instalation from scratch to a spare SD card, copied the rom images and tested my PSX games.
then i used meld to compared the partitions with the ones of the broken installation.

the only thing i could find that is related to my issue is that on the broken installation is in the file
all input_player{1,2,3,4}_analog_dpad_mode were disabled = "0" on the broken installation.
i have no idea where this came from.

PS.: and the non-responding user interfaces was caused by the usb-dongle of
my joysticks (the joystick woke up successfully, but the usb-dongle not).
i have to unplug and re-plug it to get it work again. i disabled powersaving completely in hope this will help.