How do I get "X-MEN: Ravages of Apocalypse" in "ports" on EmuElec with files from my GoG library?

I have Quake in GoG, and I want to play the " X-MEN: Ravages of Apocalypse" total conversion of Quake in EmuElec in the ports section, but Quake doesn’t run there either. What do I have to do? I assume I have to run the Gog EXE to install Quake(I think its in a dosbox wrapper) on my pc, then pull some files that get put in a directory somewhere in EmuElec SD card, but what and where exactly? Do I create a “X-MEN” folder, or a “Quake Mods” folder like the one that exists for “Doom Mods”?

To clarify, I am not asking about piracy, only installation instructions as I paid for Quake on my GoG account, and the unlicensed X-MEN conversion is a free mod.

Thanks for any help you offer.

Alright, the GoG Quake folder has a separate subfolder for dosbox, and a folder for “id1”, and a ben and cue, as well as .pac files, so I guess I just need to know what files are needed by tyrquake, the emulator EmuElec runs, and how to configure the folder system. I tried adding a new subfolder in “ports” called “x-men” cloning the files from Quake, but EmuElec can’t find it. Also, Quake is one of the ports also giving me the flak error I mentioned in another post. I didn’t see a FAQ on Quake among the other titles, unless I missed it. A few screen shots showing the current file structure would likely go a long ways, if anyone would be so kind. I apologize if there is an existing tutorial that doesn’t have a big obsolete warning on top that I missed, and if so, please feel free to link it.

EmuElec still has nothing to report on the log file despite the errors. EmuElec Version “EMUELEC ES V4.5”