Hide or remove unnecessary systems?

I have the OGA and I’m planning on giving it to a friend. She’s a bit less tech savvy but loves retro games. She’s only really interested in the Gameboy series, S/NES, Genesis, PS1. Is there a way to remove or hide emulators that aren’t going to be used?

Hmmm… there are probaly two ideas i have in mind…

1.) What about changing / editing the “es_systems.cfg” file? You can remove unwanted systems. Just make a backup of the original *.cfg file, so you can rename and change between both versions.

  1. What about just renaming all system ROM folders, by adding “" to the beginning of each unwanted System ROM foldername? So you dont need to edit / replace the cfg file. Just remove the "” of the foldernames, the systems you want to use/see.

Probally there are better ways… but this is a way i would personally do, as long as i dont know a better solution. good luck

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Systems with no games do not appear at all, so just don’t put roms other than the systems you want to show

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