Add additional emulators

Hello Emuelec
Can you please add Easy RPG, Capcom, ChannelF, Commondore Pet, Konami LCD, MegaDuck, MSX2 Plus, MSX Turbo, N64DD, Neo Geo Aes, Palm, Sega VMU, thomson, Tiger LCD, X1

I know it’s a lot to ask for thank you so much…

EasyRPG is already there


Capcom? you mean Capcom Play System? Thats already there as well, CPS1, CPS2, CPS3

oh I didn’t know easy rpg was included thank you my mistake. I downloaded 4.2 test I don’t see Easy Rpg section inside the rom folder at all.

forget I mention the capcom my bad.

Will you possibly included the other emulators I mention above in feature builds.

Thank You so much.

if you send me the links to libretro cores (preferably) or emulators that work on AARHC64 sure I can try.

but some are already there:
Fbneo: Neo Geo AES

the others I am not sure what cores or emulators will work.

Thanks so much to be honest I don’t know where to get the cores at. Have nice day.