ES - restart script enter custom commands

Hey does anyone know how I can enter custom commands that get called when emulationstation restarts? reason being I want to call during a restart rather than calling it programatically in ES and having the screen corrupt while it performs the service restart.

Copy emustation.service to /storage/.config/system.d/ and modify the new emustation.service. This will overwrite the existing emusation.service

Check systemd.unit(5) for the format

I changed emuelec-autostart.service too:

Description=emuelec user autostart script

ExecStart=-/bin/bash -c ". /etc/profile; exec /bin/bash /usr/bin/"
ExecReload=-/bin/bash -c ". /etc/profile; exec /bin/bash /usr/bin/"


Hopefully the execReload will kick in, I am testing it atm.

Sorry, I stuffed up, I get what youre saying now thanks man.