Es define my own component ,the font texture are mixed

Hello everyone,When I made my own coponent ,the font texture are mixed,such as


The phenomenon is:

  1. When I call the component, the font texture will be superimposed

  2. After multiple calls, the font texture is the same as the uploaded image

  3. Restart the ES front-end and restore

  4. The components basically copy the keyboard components

  5. The keyboard assembly does not have this phenomenon

How to fix it,it bothering me for days

It works fine on unbuntu

I think the bug is happen at sub thread, I add code :" window->pushGui(keyBoardWnd);" at sub thread。 I want to call “ViewController::get()->goToGameList(allSystem);” after animation then excute new keyBoardWnd ,then pushGUI。It work on pc fine,but it has the bug。how to reslove it,help please

I see, gui must be work at main thread,so I update my code to make code work at main thread