Emuelec4.4 Chinese display error

I have tried changing the font file but it can only be displayed normally when I change other languages ​​to Chinese. After saving the configuration, I entered RetroArch again and all Chinese turned into boxes.

Not sure, but maybe you can install following chinese fonts:

Open source HAN fonts

Some more infos…
Android show squares in Chinese #9613

Good luck

try to override font.ttf in the path %Retroarch%\assets\xmb\monochrome with your windows OS’s chinese font.
and activate it again. then select language ‘Chinese’.

I also happended this font problem when updating asserts. Cause the font of my own was override again.

I tried to do this, but it can only display normally when I reset the language. After saving the settings, I still enter the box again

Doing this in 4.3 did solve the problem, but unfortunately I did it in 4.4 and it didn’t work

THIS WAY MYA BE USEFUL RetroARCH1.98设置简体中文菜单 - 哔哩哔哩.
my english is poor , so post the url