EmuElec 4.5 - Question about Mame category

I have tried to add some games as zip files to the “mame” rom folder. But it seems nearly all of my games does not work.

Btw, i noticed there are different versions of NAME game packs. So my question, for which version of MAME i need to install games? Or is it required to add subdolders in MAME rom folder, for divverent NAME versions?

You can try using a different Mame emulator, but I think you may have a bad rom set which is probably split-set roms which have missing dependencies.

Mame 2003 plus or mame 2010. Use Fbneo roms for Capcom play system 1, 2 and 3 , Neo geo and cave roms. You can find all the roms @ archive.org. You might need some chd files for some of the games to work in mame. Default emulator for mame is 2003 plus. You can change it to 2010 or a different mame Emulator.

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@ kylecp1979:
Thanks for the infos. Wonder there is mame 2003 plus as default emulator instead the 2010 version. Are there any compatibility problems with older games (working on mame 2003 plus) when using the 2010 version? I am a bit currious about the mame game pack versions.

You can change the Emulator to mame 2010 if that is what your using. You can do that in the settings menu.