Composite Output Isn't Working Correctly A95X F3


I have set up EmuElec mostly successfully on my A95X F3 Air device, which is a Chinese Android box with S905X3 chip, 4GB ram.

  1. Everything seems to work just fine over HDMI, I can run PSX games on it with no apparent problems.
  2. If I remove the SD Card, Composite output works just fine too, I can navigate android with composite output.
  3. If I try to boot EmuElec with Composite output only, I see the “A95X” splash screen, but then nothing.

I’m not exactly sure which logs I should check or how to verify what might be going wrong here, I have SSH setup though.

Any ideas on what I should do?

Try changing in EmulationStation >> EmuELEC Settings >> Display Settings, video mode to 480cvbs. Reboot then connect composite cable.

What version of EmuELEC are you using?

I had already done this, which didn’t work, it was still just black screen after the “A95X” logo, but strangely, after rebooting it just now to try it again, it did work. I don’t understand why.

Is it possible to move the picture around in software? It is very off center on my CRT.

Run these lines one at a time in SSH and see if it fixes your issue.

cd /emuelec/bin
chmod +x
echo "ee_videowindow=10 5" >> /emuelec/configs/emuelec.conf 

Then reboot.

The older may have a bug in it. This uses the latest setres and the last line fixes up bordering issues for 480cvbs.

What does this do exactly? I couldn’t find any documentation for videowindow config. Shift 10 pixels to the right then 5 up?

It will override the old function which takes care of the video switch setting. 10 5 is shift right and left, 5 shift down and up, needed for cvbs to display properly.