4.2 vs 4.3 Controller handling difference found


Already posted something before but, first of all, wanted to give thanks for such amazing work to bring retro classics back to life in the modern system, keep it up!.

Just wanted to call out a couple of things that may have been lost when going to 4.3 vs what it was in 4.2 regarding controller usage.

  1. If you get the crash screen(In-game error, missing ROMs, etc) In 4.2 you were able to scroll the logs with the controllers in 4.2. Especially useful if you want to get back to the main menu without the need of having a keyboard.
  2. Some PC Ports, such as Diablo supported Controllers out of the box. Again, in version 4.3 now is mandatory to have a keyboard & Mouse to navigate its menu and play the game.