Tf card same as micro sd card?

Howdy, I ordered a gameforce and am new to emulation handhelds. On the gameforce specs it states that it takes a tf card, I’m wondering if a tf card is the same as a micro sd card and what brands of cards do you guys generally use? Thanks for any help.

Yeh, they take a standard microsd card.

personally the only cards I buy now are Samsung Evo Select from Amazon, it should be noted that these are EXCLUSIVE to amazon, so any other retailer selling them should be avoided (And I buy them because as amazon exclusives i know they are genuine)


But, Samsung, Sandisk, Kingston you cannot generally go wrong as long as you buy them from a reputable retailer. A huge percentage of sd cards sold online through the likes of ebay, aliexpress, amazon resellers are fake. Its worth spending that extra few £/$ to buy them from either a local reliable retailer where you can return it if there is an issue, or a long established online retailer.

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Thanks for the information, I saw those brands recommended on other sites as well, but wasn’t sure as I never used these handheld emulators before.

TF card and microSD card are different names of the the same thing.
Just be cautious in choosing the reliable vendor. I bought one MicroSD card of famous brand, but the mould is too thick to fit in an adapter unless forcibily. It’s not normal. I am suspicious I was cheated by a fake.