Screen Rotation

I’ve got a homemade vertical arcade machine that currently runs Batocera and I’m trying to migrate to Emuelec (4.6). In Batocera under the system settings menu there’s a screen rotation option to rotate the display by 90, 180 and 270 degrees but I can’t find the same option in Emuelec. Is there a way to enable this in Emuelec or anyway of rotating the UI?

EmuELEC doesnt support it without hacks to the source. I might add this feature soon. Note that not all emulators will be able to rotate the display.

I’ve actually sort of got this working by editing the and launching emulation station from there with the command line emulationstation --screenrotate 1.

Whilst it works, I’m not sure its the right way of doing it! Is there a more appropriate place to edit the emulationstation command line or is this the correct way of doing it?

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retroarch has a similar rotate config. However I was researching if you could rotate the linux frame buffer without the emulators having to do it. But it seems it needs rotate support in the kernel to do it:

linux kernel


This option changes the orientation angle of the console display. The value ‘n’ accepts the following:

0 - normal orientation (0 degree)

1 - clockwise orientation (90 degrees)

2 - upside down orientation (180 degrees)

3 - counterclockwise orientation (270 degrees)

The angle can be changed anytime afterwards by ‘echoing’ the same numbers to any one of the 2 attributes found in /sys/class/graphics/fbcon:

rotate - rotate the display of the active console

rotate_all - rotate the display of all consoles

Console rotation will only become available if Framebuffer Console Rotation support is compiled in your kernel.

NOTE: This is purely console rotation. Any other applications that use the framebuffer will remain at their ‘normal’ orientation. Actually, the underlying fb driver is totally ignorant of console rotation.


You have to add in linux kernel option to rotate the screen but not sure if it would work in EmuELEC.