Retrostation 14k and company " explosion of fun " copyright issue

Hi there.I have question about company name Explosion of fun with sell Retrostation 14k.The company state that system in their console (x96 max+)have system named RetroStation 1.1.Is modded Emuelec and they didnt even mention emustation or retroarch word on their website.Are they in any way authorized to sell comercially this product without even mentioning emuelec and retroarch contribition?

As the license says here: GitHub - EmuELEC/EmuELEC: EmuELEC, retro emulation for Amlogic devices. Based on CoreELEC. or join us on Discord: EmuELEC can’t be sold as is, they would need to remove all of the non-commercial emulators and not include any copyrighted ROMS. Now said that, there is nothing that I can personally do. But in short, no, they are not officially supported nor authorized, but its not because they do not mention EmuELEC, Retroarch of Emulationstation.