Ports in 4.6 (Sonic Mania / Shovel Knight / TMNT)

Hi there!

Is there any guide to help with the installation of Sonic Mania, TMNT and Shovel Knight in 4.6?
I have followed the same procedure I did for my handheld emulator (351 device running AmberELEC) but to no avail.

Also, in 4.6, Cave Story doesn’t seem to work. It throws a long error message and crashes.

Thank you in advance for your support.


SonieMania (Port) works fine with v4.6

PORT - SonicMania:
You need a copy of SonicMania. Personally i use “SonicMania plus”. Copy the file “Data.rsdk” into “roms/ports/sonicmania/”. That’s all. Personally i dont see any difference between both versions. Good luck :wink:

SonicMania - Datafile:
Data.rsdk" (208.399.935 bytes / MD5: 3324a514639b5af8dcf755d601a924d3)

SonicMania Plus - Datafile:
Data.rsdk" (208.368.695 bytes / MD5: 919e7ff8ec8ed3694c77ed71cca9984f)

You are right, thanks!
Any clue about shovel knight?

You need a Linux version of shovel knight,then copy some files to it.