EmuElec 4.5 - Any way to enable NDS and PS2 emu on Odroid N2+?

I own an Odroid N2+ and i think it should be fast enough, to emulate some NDS and PS2 games.
Has someone experience how to add them? thanks

i managed to add a new system changing the cfg file. When trying to run a NDS game, the screen gets black and nothnig else happens. I think there is somehwere something missing. (like which emu should be used)

Why do you think so?

Odroid N2+ is not powerful enough to efficiently emulate machines after N64.

Please watch the test video below:

Dolphin Emulator Test On ODROID N2+ Android Vulkan Driver

After using the Raspberry Pi 3 for a long time, i moved to the Odroid N2+ instead to the Raspberry Pi 4. The Pi may be a nice toy - but personally i like the Odroid N2+ and its hardware and features, even its performance much more!

I have read and saw videos on the web, where people got NDS and PS2 working with newer and optimized emulators (cores). Btw, even the Pi4 seems to have no problems to get even PS2 games work. Check this link: PS2 games on Pi4

However, it would be nice to try to get most PS2 games running on Odroid N2+ with EmuElec too.

Btw, an Odroind N3 or N3+ having the horse power to run even PS2 and PS3 games would be cool. But until now i have no informations about a new version.

PS2 games on Odroid N2+

PS2 games on Odroid N2+ (another video)

Similar to the video I posted, some PS2 games might be able to run(not very fluently), but others are not at all.

Generally speaking, Odroid N2+ is not powerful enough for running PS2 games.

thanks for the awesome information.