[Suggestion] Enable ease of cloud synching game saves

I was looking at trying to synch my game saves with the cloud and between my handheld and smart tv box. Google Drive is a good option as for personal its 15gb storage and we could include github’s gdrive in the build if possible for synching folders. What do you think Shanti? Is it possible to include in our project? Or is there an easier alternative?

Githubs GDrive CLI to work with Google Drive: (Says in docs it’s slow and uses allot of memory with many files NOT RECOMMENDED lol).

Actually RClone might be a better package to include as it supports several cloud services:

Actually it already is included.
I wanted to post a link to the package here
but the system won’t let me, error messages is

Sorry you cannot post a link to that host.

OMG great!! I’ve wanted to share saves between devices for some time but havent got round to configuring it. Looks like it will be easy to do now hopefully!!

I have made a script that basically attempts to sync retroarch game saves when you launch the game from EmuELEC.

To enable you first had to setup your rclone drive in EmuELEC.

To do this you need a external computer and install rclone on it and config a drive labelled ra-drive on it. Then copy the rclone file config contents and paste it into the emuelec /storage/.config/rclone/rclone.conf file.

  1. Download rclone and extract on your computer that has a web browser.

  2. open command line go to the extracted path and type: rclone config

  3. Make sure when setting up the name for the drive is ra-drive. Follow the steps most should set to auto to skip through it faster.

  4. Once you have authenticated and configured the drive then find you config file contents. In windows its in C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\rclone\rclone.conf . AppData is a hidden system file so make sure you have enabled show hidden system files.

  5. copy and paste the data then SSH into EmuELEC and type:

 nano /storage/.config/rclone/rclone.conf 
  1. Make sure that the drive setup is labelled [ra-drive] or the scripts will not work properly.
  2. Go into emuelec bin:
cd /emuelec/bin
  1. Get the script file from my onedrive, and unzip it, you need to copy 3 files into /emuele/bin.

  2. give it exec permissions:

chmod +x ra-drive-run-once.sh
  1. Copy rclone_runemu_parta.txt and rclone_runemu_partb.txt file into the same directory. Then run
  1. If all completes ok it should have uploaded your retroarch state files and setup the emuelec emulator run script to synch with the platform that you currently load.

  2. There is one more task, add rclone_save=1 in emuelec config with the follwing command:

echo "rclone_save=1" >> /emuelec/configs/emuelec.conf

Now test a retroarch game, save the state and see if it works. :wink:


Hang on guys I need to do a few fixes to the setup script file. Thanks for your patience.

Its because you are a new user, it should resolve itself.