Powkiddy RGB10 Max


Recently purchased I was also planning to install emuelec on a old PC because I liked but still have some questions and found Emuelec installed - finding it difficult to answer some questions

  1. How can you interchange bezel and aspect ratios manually

  2. How can I install new ROMs

  3. What are the best settings for overall performance - including PSP

It also normally launches Retro Arch - which makes me uncertain if I change any settings on Emuelec if those changes are applied onto Retro Arch

Please read the rules, we do not support that device.

Okay I updated the question to reflect what I really was more curious about …

That does not change the fact… you CLEARLY did not read nor understand what I just said. EmuELEC does not even run on PC. You need to ask whoever sold you the device for support.