Installing LEDSpicer

I have Emuelec installed on my Odroid N2+ and it’s great. I’m trying to get my LED buttons to work and need some help (if it’s even possible).

I have an Ultimarc I-Pac ultimate for input and LED control. I installed vanilla Ubuntu on my Odroid and installed / compiled LEDSpicer. It worked great and controlled the LEDs perfectly. Unfortunately, I was having some video driver issues with EmulationStation under plain Ubuntu.

So I put the LEDSpicer binaries in a tar and installed EmuElec instead of Ubuntu. I dropped the tar into the EmuElec/bin folder and it executes. Unfortunately it has some dependencies that are missing. Specifically it stops and asks for TinyXML (tinyxml2.6.0).

Since I can’t use apt to get TinyXML, is there a way to grab it from Ubuntu and drop it in EmuElec like I did with LEDSpicer?