Emuelec 4.2 setres.sh

I have made A new install of emuelec 4.2 on a 32 gb card
But now I have the same problem as my old 3.x install
Screen overscan.
When I try the same method i used on the 3.x version by modifying setres.sh, I get the error the file is unwritable.
Copy the file to another location as suggested by ShantyGilbert make the file editable.
But when i try to copy it back to the original location i cannot overwrite the original setres.sh
I have set the file attibutes to 777
I am hoping somebody can give me a tip how the overswite the original file with the new file

Do not copy it to the original location, edit and leave it in /emuelec/bin

Hello Emuelec,
I have tried this but when I reset emuelec the overscan is back
so this is what I have done:
copy setres.sh to /emuelec/bin
nano setres.sh
under “1080p60hz” as this is the resolution reported back from
cat /sys/class/display/mode
i have put this
fbset -fb /dev/fb0 -g 1920 1080 1920 2160 $BPP
echo 0 0 1919 1079 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/free_scale_axis
echo 45 25 1870 1055 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/window_axis
echo 0x10001 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/free_scale
save the file
these settings executed from the command line the sceen has no overscan.
When i reset the device the overscan is back

Hmmm yeah you might need v4.3 for this:

But try this, put your commands on the custom_start.sh file and try if it works like that

Hello emuelec,
This works.
But can you tell me why the file system is read only?
So I cannot edit any of the files there
It even is inpossible to set attributes for the files there.
But anyway thanks for the help
Greetings Herman

Because people kept screwing things up and I am tired of answering the same question 1000 times. People just change stuff that they don’t even know what it does because they read half of a post somewhere, then come to us for support and it gets tiresome and time consuming.

Hello emuelec
Thanks for your answer
So it was not a mistake on my side
It is by design
Greetings Herman